"Women Be Shopping" is a line from the 1996 remake of The Nutty Professor, starring Eddie Murphy. The line has achieved notoriety as a meme, making fun of the type of hackneyed, sexist observations made by stand-up comedians in the 1990s.

In the plot of the film, Reggie Warrington, played by relative newcomer Dave Chappelle, is an insult comedian whose insults towards Eddie Murphy's character about his weight is an impetus to the film's plot. The background of the scene has been eclipsed by the opening line in Warrington's monologue, before he launches into insulting the audience. His entire "monologue" consists of this:

Women be shopping, baby! Women be shopping! Damn! You can't stop a woman from shopping, baby!
While most people have forgotten the context of the line, as an example of the low-effort sexism of certain stand-up comedians, it is part of the internet's collective conscious.

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