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A Saturday Night Live skit circa 1995 (approximately) featuring two ex-porn stars, played by Tracy Morgan and Jim Breuer. The full title is actually Wong & Owens: Ex Porn Stars. After a lengthy career in the porn industry, Wong (Breuer) and Owens (Morgan) both decide to take straight jobs, and this is when the hilarity (supposedly) ensues. Week after week, Wong (who contrary to what his name may imply was not Chinese, in case anyone's interested) and Owens would seek out employment, only to discover that the adult film industry had perverted their minds to the point that they both found themselves unable to respond to simple statements without them taking on a sexual meaning. A made-up example of a typical Wong and Owen scenario follows:

Boss: OK, Wong, get working that grill!
Wong: Oh I'll work that grill (begins removing his clothes while dry-humping the grill)...
Boss: Wong, what the Hell are you doing???
Wong: (Remorseful) This is all I know!!!! I can't help it, boss!! It's all I know!!!
Boss: I better not catch you doing it again. Hey, Owens, why don't you put some grease on those fries?
Owens: Yeah, I'll grease those fries right up (begins removing his clothes and rubbing frozen french fries on his chest, meanwhile Wong begins rubbing himself on a female cashier)...
Boss: Owens! Wong! You're both fired!!!
Wong & Owens: We can't help it!!! This is all we know!!!!

This basic scenario was re-enacted throughout the entire run of the characters. The Wong & Owens skits ended with the two men finding jobs at an office where the boss was a born-again Christian (played by Alec Baldwin). After the basic Wong & Owens scenario takes place, they are called into his office, ostensibly to be fired. Instead, it is revealed that their boss is in fact a former porn star himself, formerly known by the name of Baron von Hugenstein, and he agrees to help Wong & Owens overcome their erotic fixations. With the entrance of a sexy foreign cleaning lady, the scene devolves into a massive orgy, and Wong & Owens never appear on SNL again (to the best of my knowledge, please /msg me with any corrections).

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