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The "Word Me!" Game:
A playtime activity for writers.

The basis of this game is that you take two glittering individuals, who are both either direly in need of either stimulation or structure, or who just feel like a challenge or experiment, for their writing. They are to compose a piece based on the sentences, single words, lexis, premises, imagery, instructions* or characters and creatures given to them by the other person.

Sample Game:
(this was a game between eroticbetty and i tonight).

Word Me!
eroticbetty Worded! me with:

  • a gusty beach + twins.
  • a very red balloon. only one though
  • a pony with red and white ribbons
  • a girl that smells like lemon skin
  • finding pebbles at the bottom of the bath tub
  • someone hating someone so much they give them an apple
  • a worm in the bath!
  • an orange boat with a silly white sail
  • grocery shopping in 80s formal wear
  • dust
  • blind cats
  • hanging oneself with a skipping rope
  • birthday shopping for an axe
Now, I am to create an elegy, short story, streamofconsciousness piece, parable, novella, song, cry, screenplay, novel, node or daylog or whatever incorporating all of these, in whatever context I see fit.

dustfromamoth Worded! eroticbetty with:

  • a marshmallow land and some little white pills and a boy who is embarrassed by the colour pink
  • a boy who likes mazes a lot
  • a treasure map
  • a grouch who throws a brick at marilyn
  • some demented girl with a chubfish face, holding a wilty yellow and purple pansy
  • murdering your siamese twin
  • a rainbow plane
  • wafers, and chilly hands.
  • a person with see-through skin who has the biggest sapphire in the world instead of a heart. and everybody tries to fish for it, even though it would kill him.
Clearly these were very lengthy samples. You might Word! someone with merely:
  • menorah
  • a girl named Fruma
  • jewels and graphs and sandwiches
Or even only one word. It is solely up to the person who is Word!ing.

The purpose of this exercise, is, like any other good writing exercise, to challenge yourself, to give yourself boundaries to deviate within, and ever importantly.. to just write. If you’re anything like I am, you call yourself a writer but sometimes dread writing. Just do it, snitchy! The act of writing itself is often more important than the outcome.

* ‘Instructions’ may include such things as “See the world through the eyes of a sea anemone in an aquarium, who has no eyes”, or “Ask a stranger what their lover’s name is and whether they wear a hat. Write about their lover. And their hat, existent or non”, or "The title of it must be "The Confessional Tea Party".

I want to play Word Me! with lots of noders. May I? /msg me, babies. We'll work things out. Maybe this can be an extension of the famous nodeshell challenge.

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