Christians consider the Christian Bible to be the Word of God. Christians consider Jesus to be the perfect incarnation of God.
The Hebrew Scriptures mention the Word of Yahwah 394 times. Written in Hebrew, before the Greeks wrote about Jesus, they used the word dabar when discussing the Word of God.See also Word of Cthulu.

An interdenominational, charismatic, Christian community based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Word of God sprouted the larger international group of Christian communities known as the Sword of the Spirit. Many people consider the Word of God just another group of Christians, while many others believe that the group is a cult. The Word of God was founded by Ralph Martin and Steve Clark. Ralph Martin has written dozens of Christian books and has a television show on PBS. Steve Clark has also written dozens of books, the majority of which were published by Servant Publications, also based in Ann Arbor. The bulk of the Word of God members are Protestant or Catholic.

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