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In an intentionally unlabeled space, words fail me.
I want to write poem after poem dedicated to your eyes
I would write pages of prose to that secret smile seen by only a few
I gaze at you and words fail me
The crackle of energy is enough
The knowing without speaking is enough
A hand squeeze is worth a thousand words
And words fail me
You gaze at me, intense blue eyes
Like the Caribbean Sea, with a small island in the left
I have seen them Icy too, no less beautiful but deadly
You look straight into my soul
I stare and words fail me
You hold my hand like you hold my heart
Gentle confident no words needed
I pour out my soul
Flowing like the tears down my face
You hold me patient, no words needed
There is a word I almost said
I think you know it too
And yet, words fail me

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