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Working in Japan is a lot like trying to strangle your leg. If you enjoy having no one listen to you because you're young and might just have a few wild ideas, it might be perfect for you! Though,in all seriousness, it can be a very nice place to work. Here's somethings to watch out for:

- Working Visas - If your company isn't willing to assist outside of the bare minimum of what's required to get a working visa in Japan, they may not be serious about employing non-Japanese. Various costs are incurred (travel expenses when leaving the country and applying for a change in visa status at a Japanese embassey as required by law.

- Accomodations - Finding an apartment in Japan can be a giant pain in the ass. Racist Landlords, high rent prices, nonrefundable deposits equal to about four months rent can add up to some serious suffering. If the company is really serious about you, they should help out. Whether that means helping you look or outright providing some kind of place to live you WILL need help.

- Going home for the holidays - Your company should be understanding of your religious and family needs. Hell, who shouldn't be.

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