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The World Sex Guide, one of the older institutions on the World Wide Web, is devoted to the world's oldest profession. It has been around in one form or another since at least 1994, and was originally created by "Atta", an anonymous individual who has since disappeared from the net.

The WSG found its original web home on paranoia.com's servers, where it remained until Paranoia's demise in mid-1998. It was also available via FTP from SunSITE.unc.edu (and in fact, the 1997 edition still is) and other distribution sites.

The original site contained a wide variety of information on purchasing sex in many parts of the world sorted by location - from Bangkok to Venezuela. Travel reports (largely archived from alt.sex.prostitution), warnings, pricing info and location recommendations were all part of the guide. "Atta" maintained a strict advertising-free policy for the site and screened all submissions personally. This resulted in a very high signal to noise ratio for the guide.

The guide contained a large list of sex and prostitution-related links as well. It was a great place to learn about the age of consent in various countries, research local and international sex laws, and pro-prostitution politics/activism. The Hall of Fame section occasionally highlighted the cases of religious right-endorsed politicians caught in flagrante delicto with a lady of the night.

In addition to the many (often dangerously outdated) mirrors of the WSG available on the web today, the guide has been reborn at http://worldsexguide.org, now hosted by erotica.com. The HTML has been updated, and the format has been changed to a web forum, rather than the moderated e-mail submission method used by the original guide. Most of the orginal trip reports, etc. are available in the archives. No longer run by Atta, it still retains the same general philosophy and advertising-free approach of the original.

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