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1 January - China: Troops from Japan and China do battle on the Manchukuo border.

30 January - Europe: Hitler is appointed to the German Chancellory by Paul von Hindenburg, following the latter's election to the Presidency.

3 February - Europe: Hitler makes his first address in office. He outlines for the first time his goals of obtaining "Lebensraum" (Living space) in the east, and the rigorous Germanizing of those captured areas.

23 February - China: Manchukuo absorbs the Chinese Jehol province.

27 February - Europe: Some of Hitler's minions set fire to the Reichstag building in Berlin. The act is officially blamed on the Communists.

28 February - Europe: Hitler's government declares a state of emergency, suspending all civil rights. Communist members of the Reichstag are arrested.

4 March - China: 50,000 Japanese forces capture Jehol, defended by 200,000 Chinese.

12 March - Europe: The first concentration camp is established at Oranienburg, on the outskirts of Berlin.

13 March - Europe: Joseph Goebbels is appointed as Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

20 March - Europe: The existence of a concentration camp at Dachau is revealed by Heinrich Himmler.

23 March - Europe: Hitler is granted dictatorial powers over Germany with the passing of the Enabling Act.

27 March - Japan: Japan recalls its delegation to the League of Nations.

1 April - Europe: In Germany, Hitler calls for a one day, nation-wide boycott of Jewish-owned businesses.

7 April - Europe: All Jews employed by the German government are fired. The government places a limit on the number of Jewish students admitted into higher education.

26 April - Europe: The Geheime Staatspolizei, or Gestapo, is formed.

10 May - Europe: Hitler bans all political parties with socialist leanings.

30 May - Europe: Germany's treatment of her Jewish citizens is condemned by the League of Nations.

19 June - Europe: Austria bans the Nazi party from operating in that country.

14 July - Europe: The Nazi Pary is declared to be the only legal political party within Germany.

14 October - Europe: Germany withdraws from the League of Nations.

28 December - Europe: The German military's highest ranking critic of the Nazis, General Kurt von Hammerstein, resigns in protest of Hitler's policies.

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