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So in light of the way top-end video games are released these days, with half-assed stuff coming out on day 1 and developers deciding to fix it all with successive DLCs...I was reminded of a set of lyrics that I had heard some time ago. Credit goes to an anonymous poster on 4chan/V/; tune sung by Ignacio Rodriguez.

To the tune of "Pure Imagination":

Come with me,
And you'll be
In a world of
Pure exaggeration,
Take a look,
And you'll see,
Into my exaggeration.

We'll begin,
With a spin
Distortion in
Half-truths of my creation,
Has not reached

If you want to view GOTYAY
Buy my game, no questions. DO IT.
Anything you want to, do it,
Want to climb that mountain?
There's nothing on it...

There is no
Lie I know,
To compare with my exaggerations
Living there,
You'll be free,
If you just don't question me

If you want to pay cash for mods,
Simply play my game and do it,
You want customer satisfaction? Screw it!
Want triple-A DLC?
There's nothing in it...

Nuts to you,
Can't compare with
My exaggerations,
Fallout 4
Will not suck
It won awards at E3...

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