A quote of Democritus. I would love to explain who he is but unfortunately am a bit too uneducated to do so.

Still, I love the poetics of the quote, as well as the idea. I read it to mean a world cannot be destroyed. It can be made to appear to exist no more, it can be changed to a point where it is unrecognizable, it can be altered in ways to make it seem a new, and different world, but it cannot be destroyed.

Reminds me a bit of people. I have friends whom appear destroyed. I myself more than once have commented that "so and so has destroyed his/her life" or "that is one used up useless person." But now, in considering these individuals from the context of this quote I'm forced to realize what an arrogant and small-minded opinion this is. These people still exist. More so, they exist as much as they always have. The fact that they have altered themselves, or have been altered by a sequence of events (thereby becoming unrecognizable to me) by no means renders them destroyed.

This then leads me to wonder which worlds, which people, which wonderful or terrifying or beautiful beings I have missed out on by being so small of mind.

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