Extremely addictive artillery-style multiplayer game by Team17 Ltd. Small worms attack each other with high-powered and rather bizzare weapons, including sheep, old women, banana bombs, and mail strikes.

The third in the series of Worms games (If you don't count Reinforcements or Director's Cut). This one introduces a few new weapons, improved internet mode, fullcolor custom maps, and other goodies.

Also, quite possibly the sole reason I keep my Win95 machine in top running order.

See: Concrete Donkey

Worms equipping weapons shooting each other... What sort of video game do you play on the weekends? If its Worms Armageddon, you're playing an artillery game/turn-based strategy game developed by Team17 from the Worms series.

8.6 rating from IGN
You control a team of up to eight worms in combat against opposing teams. What sets this game apart from most - its ease of ability to play, and hilarious factor. It's a game you can convince your non-gamer friends to play, and they get addicted. That isn't to say, however, that there isn't advanced strategy. You might want to consider when to drop the dynamite, to throw a grenade, toss an explosive sheep, or shoot with the bazooka.

"The worms are cute little squiggly things, animated in a humorous way. It’s a delight to watch them get blown up." (Snappy)

A game from 1999
This game is so good, that it's been pushed through later Windows platforms as an emulator for the PC. A working version can be downloaded from The Pirate Bay. (It's also found as a common emulator from the N64). You can purchase a copy for £ 5.99 from here. The game is small, my version (folder and all) consists of 898 MB.

Official Website: http://wormsarmageddon.team17.com/

Custom play
All settings are customizable. You can start your worms with as little as 50 hit points, upwards to 200. You can alter the damage settings, worm placements, handicaps, map settings (you can make your own), create weapon sets, time per turn, ability to move as a worm, and the list goes on. Perhaps the funniest part of the game is the chatter between the worms. They say random comments like, "Chew on this," "Hey mister," "Uttooo," and they do it one of the 49 available languages and accents.

Beware the Holy Hand Grenade.

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