WORT is the call letters for a community owned radio station located in Madison, WI. They carry a large variety of programming.

Durning the week at 8:00 a.m. there is a morning talk show, hosted by 5 different people, one for each weekday. This is followed by folk, country and bluegrass music from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Then at noon, political programming comes on which is hosted by various local activists. During these programs, callers are encouraged to call in with their input. Many of the guests are national in scope. One time, John Zerzan, the famed anarchist from Eugene, Oregon, was a guest. The political bent of the noon-time programming tends toward a leftist or progressive viewpoint.

Music programming is diverse. Ranging from the aforementioned country, bluegrass and folk programming, to the more esoteric sounds of RTQE, a Sunday night program dedicated to experimental electronic music. There are also shows devoted to: Industrial; Goth; Punk; Metal; Hip-Hop; Classic Rock, and much, much more.

They are listener supported which means that they depend on donations, like PBS, but unlike PBS, WORT is not a corporate whore.

They also carry the BBC, and used to carry Pacifica Radio News, before a broiling controversy over management tactics led to a protest in which stations across the country refuse to carry Pacifica programming.

Friday afternoons at 1:00, the Mel and Floyd Show comes on. This show features irreverent, intellectual humor with the esteemed Mel and Mr. Smarty Pants. As the weekly introduction states, "Welcome to the Mel and Floyd Show. I'm Mel, Floyd is on assignment, but with me as always... is Mr. Smarty Pants..." And thus begins an hour-long journey into wickedly devastating satire, useless factoids, nuggets of wisdom and truth, and just pure insanity. I heart that show.

WORT is one of the few reasons I would miss leaving Madison. Along with Four Star Video Heaven, and B-Side Records.

Wort (?), n. [OE. wort, wurt, AS. wyrt herb, root; akin to OS. wurt, G. wurz, Icel. jurt, urt, Dan. urt, Sw. ort, Goth. wa�xa3;rts a root, L. radix, Gr. a root, a branch, young shoot, a branch, and E. root, n. Cf. Licorice, Orchard, Radish, Root, n., Whortleberry, Wort an infusion of malt.]

1. Bot.

A plant of any kind.

⇒ This word is now chiefly used in combination, as in colewort, figwort, St. John's-wort, woundwort, etc.

2. pl.



© Webster 1913.

Wort (?), n. [OE. worte, wurte, AS. wyrte; akin to OD. wort, G. wurze, bierwurze, Icel. virtr, Sw. vort. See Wort an herb.]

An infusion of malt which is unfermented, or is in the act of fermentation; the sweet infusion of malt, which ferments and forms beer; hence, any similar liquid in a state of incipient fermentation.

Wort consists essentially of a dilute solution of sugar, which by fermentation produces alcohol and carbon dioxide.


© Webster 1913.

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