Hindsight is,  they say is

20/20 - which is probably an  exaggerration 


Still,  second guessing oneself  is 

rarely helpful and can't fix bad decisions


Deciding to move away; 

choosing to cut ties,  well that was my call 


Now all I can do is try and look at it objectively

review the data,  tabulate the results  


Would I have made those choices knowing how it would turn out?

maybe,  maybe not


how visible are you?

what do you let people see?

what do you hide?

and from whom?

from yourself?

what do you curate?

do you aspire to an image?
to a form
to a goal
to be good?

to power
to riches
to fame?

are you transparent?

are you honest?

are you genuine?

are you an individual
like everyone else?

where is the line

between courtesy and lies
between manners and dishonesty
between true and false?

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