Picture the scene gentle noder,

A utopian society where war and crime have been abolished, governments have settled their differences while armies have decommissioned their nuclear arsenals. Fear and suffering are words people need to look up in the dictionary because they no longer know what they mean. No food shortages or hunger to oppress the poor, for that matter no poor and dispossessed to burden the state. A liberal world where all can have their say without being shouted down by those with something to lose.

The queue to the booth where you swear your loyalty to the new world order is long and winding, people converse in many tongues and dialects. Somewhere in that line you will find me quietly plotting and scheming to take over the world. When I get to the head of the queue I will leap over that desk and brandish my butter knife, I will proclaim myself to be the new world leader. Anyone who has something to say about it can challenge me to a fair fight, I won't fight fair though! I'll kick 'em in the nuts and gouge out their eyes while they squeal. This being a fair and orderly society people will form a line for fighting me and I will win because I fight dirty.

I will not re-establish the old world order of domination, no we will have a whole new system of completely arbitrary laws to oppress the masses. Sure I'll be overthrown in the end but god will I have my fun until then. I'll have my women and wine while my workers have bread and water, the laws will flow from me like a river; no scratching your nose on Tuesday, no smoking in private and definitely no sex within your species

Oh sorry is my megalomania showing?

Gentle noder the moral of the story is that within every golden apple squirms a maggot. In fact within every gentle noder lurks a potential psychopath. Strive for the ideal of a utopian world but accept the reality of a world full of fear and suffering. Without some pain you may well find that joy has no meaning.

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