• You never have a relationship with anyone, it's an "addiction", a "curse", or a coma or trauma of some sort. Really be creative with summing up everything in one word, but repeat that word a lot!
  • There is no real use in writing songs to anyone other than (potential) sexual partners. Address them with "you".
  • Your partner is always "an angel" (that you don't deserve) or "the devil" in person. Middle ground is for subtle music styles like après-ski hits.
  • Tonight changes everything. Each time.
  • You usually claim to not (want to) remember last night, then hint at what happened last night and elaborate on the consequences. Never be more than just subjected to those consequences.
  • Promises are made to be broken. Mistakes are made to be repeated. Ideally, never name which mistakes or promises were made. Claim to "think a lot" about "what happened", but be very cautious of learning things.
  • While you always address your partner in the lyrics, you should never be the slightest bit aware of their perspective - that would remove some of the mystery!
  • There is always a "game" that's being played. Talk about the "moves" you make or the moves that the "you" addressed in your song makes, but without ever specifying what those moves are.
    Just as with last night, always talk about what things "do to you", but not what those things were about. Again - otherwise you might learn something, and never be able to write another song.
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