Writers on Comics Scriptwriting is a collection of interviews of comic writers compiled by Mark Salisbury, and published by Titan Books. The book was originally released in the United Kingdom for £12.99. Writers on Comics Scriptwriting also has a sister book, Artists on Comic Art.

Writers on Comics Scriptwriting has fourteen interviews with rather prolific comic artists, and includes information about their history in comics and a few pages of script/storyboard from some of their works.

The following writers are interviewed(I have put their most prolific work next to their name): One interesting note to make, is that there is only one person who is in both Writers on Comics Scriptwriting and Artists on Comic Art, Frank Miller. Frank Miller is quite an interesting man, with rather impressive work, in both fields. He is also one of the few comics person, that does both writing and art on most of his works.

All in all, the book is rather interesting, with well-chosen questions. I found it rather interesting, though I did not have interest in about six of the chosen writers. Mainly because they've never branched out from solid ground that other people created. The other eight writers were more than to make up for them, however, being quite interesting and more novel.

Some people might notice some prolific writers missing, such as Alan Moore and Will Eisner. Unfortunatly, some writers were unable to give time for the interview at the time of book's production. Perhaps they will be in a future edition.

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