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The Wurlitzer Trilogy comprises three separate series of amazing photographs by the creative photographer Arthur Tress:
  1. Teapot Opera
  2. Fishtank Sonata
  3. Requiem for a Paperweight
The Wurlitzer Trilogy is in many ways a commentary on the meaning of life, the history of the meaning of life, and how modern society has lost sight of it. This may seem cliché, but the Trilogy is very moving and some of the photos (in particular those in the Requiem for a Paperweight segment) are disturbingly on-target. I highly recommend viewing and contemplating this photodocumentary if you ever get a chance.

The Wurlitzer Trilogy (according to Tress himself, whom I had the opportunity of meeting personally) was named after his father's old washing machine, which had the brand name "Wurlitzer" spelled out in chrome letters on the front. I seem to remember him saying it was a "why not?" sort of thing.

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