a perfect moment Here stands deliberately
created to solve a problem i've been thinking about for years
washing over me like the lightest sleep
bringing everything adjacent

turn your face to the sun
like the inside of the eye of god
i come to you with nothing and i gain everything
and i leave again with nothing

so many trinkets in my mind
memories scattered about my room
for years waiting to be picked up
and held and let go

the world is made of jelly
and my hands are skeletal
there is a quiet sadness in all this dance
just a wisp of something i need less every day

the fire in the morning is a dusty gray warmth
and ordinarily i put on another log
but today i just reach out and enjoy
the fading heat

in the hose is the rain and the ocean
a hot day suddenly cooler
a laugh is waiting in each of us
for that cold unexpected spray

every name is a way you can die
fall into a web, become a twisted tree
trip and slick your palm on the rocks
i see fear in a frozen river

but up there, sailing in the black
is such a great freedom, remember
that time we were so quiet we could hear
the water creeping across the dust

from up here i can see beyond the forest
if i told you i can fly, would you understand?
i let a paper bird go on the wind
and i pray that it finds you

everything is a memory of something else
every shape is a clue to something unseeable
i lie with my eyes shut listening intently to the silence
i hold the flaming strip of paper to the sky

and suddenly i felt that i was nothing and everything
that nothing is ever lost, and we must only do our best
which is to understand and to interact
and the pillar cracked right down the middle

Shuffle, replace, or draw a card.

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