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Xbudf is a peculiar programming language, which to me, as an experienced programmer has brought enlightend moments.

Xbudf works on your idea, your expression,your concept, expressed in the most natural way. That is, you actually can just layout for yourself what the computer needs to do with your idea.

F.e. Say I need an image in PNG format. I can now describe by using my own natural language how this image should look like. Next the system will translate my idea to some usefull code.

If I want to write a C program, including a gtk gui-frontend, I can express my idea, in the most simple structure, that is, my own natural language, and let the system translate my idea to some usefull C code.

Translating takes some time though, however in the end you have a full and complete source which than can be compiled to many other languages using the principle of Extended Resourse Allocation, to look up specifications about another language. You can extend and/or adjust the translation process by setting a few (their are a few thousand) configuration settings and/or flags.

The only thing is, Xbudf works on MeJi. What is MeJi? MeJi is a new computer architecture designed with a lot new and excited principles. (Do I need to put links here? Where is the button..)

MeJi has been brought to me by a small Dutch hackers group to put under investigation. And so I had the chance of playing with the machine.

Maybe I'll write a next story about it soon..


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