An old roommate of mine, Reverend Turtle, came up with this variant of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It was very popular as a warm-up before each weekend's Rocky Horror Picture Show performance:

Even though the sound of it is quite an illegality
Laws restricting pleasure are but superficiality

(Hump little animals, hump little guys
Hump little animals, hump little guys)

Well, xeno- that means different and I like them rather strange
Homo- that means similar and I like them just the same
Necro- that means dead and I like them rather stiff
Peda- that means youthful and on this I must insist


Pyro- that means fire and I like them lit abit
Bestiality is for the fur that's just the fit
Put them all together and you've got a cozy kit
And if you think of jailing me I might not give a sh*


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