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The most fun I've had in a long long time. Another version of the arcade game Lethal Enforcers, but using Macromedia's flash. Graphics where amazingly smooth and nice. It's mostly in black and white as well, which is another factor that allowed smoother gameplay. You are a stick figure heading after another stick figure (he's purple, you're black, so much for bad guys being yellow). Along the way you shoot several other stick figures, some in some pretty interesting ways. As you shoot at them, yes, they shoot back at you. You have six hits until you have the option of using one of your nine continues. All in all it was an enjoyable play. My only qualm with the game is that after shooting some guys the game goes into a cinematic. Don't get me wrong, it's a well done scene, with some references I found kinda funny, I just wasn't expecting it. Mostly, I wanted to kill the boss :^) The game has a long download time, for it is a large size for a flash movie*. This was actually the third installment of the xiaoxiao series. There are currently 7 xiaoxiao movies with an 8th in the works.

the url for this and all the other XiaoXiao movies is: www.xiaoxiaomovie.com

*I'm also on 256k cable. Doesn't really hurt :^)
Update: The Stick Figure Death Theatre has the 8th installment of the XiaoXiao series which happens to be part 2 of ? of the Mutilator (XiaoXiao No. 7 was part 1).

Other sites that host this phenomenon are:
- BetaBlue (www.betablue.com) ; was inspired by the XiaoXiao series and seeks to find the author (See his link to XiaoXiao)
- The infamous Stick Figure Death Theatre (www.sfdt.com) ; also has other varied stick figure animes - none as good as the XiaoXiao series IMHO.

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