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It's about 1 PM Eastern Standard Time, and PBS is showing the year 2000 celebrations of various cultures all around the world. Just like every other TV station. I'm willing to bet that these people are actually celebrating the arrival of rich Americans in their isolated little towns, not the year 2000. But anyway, PBS has a live video feed from Canada. Nunavut, to be precise. Picture this.

The most prominent feature on the screen is the little brown box saying "LIVE - Canada". A single Eskimo (sorry, I mean Inuit) is standing in the distance, in the middle of the picture, in an isolated snowfield, slowly beating a drum. The rest of the screen is various shades of white.

And this is the scene that PBS has chosen to represent all of Canada.

Now, picture me in front of the television, falling down laughing and wishing I could tape it to show my Canadian friends.

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