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It's something I bought on a dare at Ocean State Job Lot for $10.

The case is silver, the keys are black with white lettering (complete euro symbol on the 5 key in the lower right corner), and 14 media keys (13 purple, 1 large red Y! key, 11 of said keys are reprogrammable). The three of which are not reprogrammable are Power, sleep, and wake up. It’s somewhat like a Compaq Easy Access Keyboard with a hint of L-shaped Enter key. Except instead of a smaller backspace, there is a smaller right shift key. It's a QWERTY layout, with the now standard windows keys, (Less caps locks because I rip them out). It's not too sturdy, seeing as how I can bend it with my hand

Comes with a media key reprogramming utility, plus half a dozen other Yahoo programs. (I.E. Yahoo! Messenger )

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