This writeup is an after-the-fact supercession

Yahoo Serious is the working name of the Australian screen actor Greg Pead. Although not a famous person in the northern hemisphere, Serious has mad quite an impact over the years, eventually incurring the wrath of the University of Newcastle when in 1996 he was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters for the contributions he has made to the art of the Cinema.

He was born on July 27th, 1953 (whoa!) in NSW, where he also spent the majority of his formative years. When the time came he enrolled in National Art School, but was later "removed", whereupon he turned his eye to the Cinema and Screen. His first screenplay, CoalTown, was written at the tender age of 21 but obviously wasn't a major success (or else you wouldn't have gone "Huh?" when I mentioned it).

His first success came with the educational television series "lifestyle", for which he was awarded a Penguin Award.

He made his first noticeable mark in the Movie world in 1988 with "Young Einstein" which he acted in, wrote, directed and produced. The film would eventually cull over $100 Million and it's soundtrack, also produced by Yahoo, would go double platinum.

His next feature in which he played the actor/director/producer role would be "Reckless Kelly", which although was huge in his homeland didn't bring the size of response as his previous venture did. Reckless Kelly is an sorely underrated film and is highly recommended by myself.

Yahoo's third film, Mr Accident, premiered during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney to critical acclaim as a prime example of Australian Comedy but hasn't yet enjoyed worldwide circulation.

Yahoo/Pead and and a certain Miss Lulu Pinkus married in January of 1989 and are still together as Yahoo is working on Two more unannounced works.

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