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Shades disguise cold eyes
A smoking cigar cherry
Burns oxygen still

Yakuza waiver.
But sir, you forget your girl
The dew-ebbed lotus.

Leave her a tear-drop
Leave her my knife-filleted heart
Kept oishii fresh

Slices of sushi,
My eyes filled with god-lotus,
Gleam light like a blade

I cannot look back
To see a smoky swooned-smile
I visualize.

Enjoy emptiness;
Filling up old libraries
With books for the blind

Yakuza may forget,
But never forget geisha
The dew-ebbed lotus.

Yakuza sense dawn.
Sated, they sup love alone
For a single meal

He takes leave of her.
Song burns through his brain again
Musical wealth for

A love story...

I would like to thank etouffee, wertperch, and Tem42 for their unwavering help, especially considering the subject matter.
"Aww, poetry again?!" I am in your debt. This sat on a draft burner for almost a year before they helped me with the courage to release publicly.

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