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Yello is a Swiss band that was founded in the early eighties. From the earliest days, they made excessive use of samplers to create their music. Yello are said to have pioneered the techno movement. The band consists of Dieter Meier, who does the lyrics, and Boris Blank, the mysterious sampler-guru who does the music. Probably their most famous album was Stella, which debuted in '85 and featured songs like 'oh yeah'. More about Yello Music.

2 Swiss men, Boris Blank & Dieter Meier, who have released a wide range of internationally influenced so-called synth-pop. The edge of the synth 80's feel of their sensory transducer mosaics of music that border on universal visual ambient discoveries as those by Jean-Michel Jarre and the playful presentation of the bands The Hawaiian Pups or Art of Noise.

Yello have done commercial music as sell-out as for the Soundtrack Nuns on the Run and as underground as their first piece called 'Dead Cat' which was performed live (Yello, the group does not perform live for reasons known only to Boris). Yello has become involved within the growing techno culture scene with works remixed by Westbam, Hardfloor, Carl Craig, Carl Cox, Ilsa Gold, The Orb, Oliver Lieb, and Art of Trance. Look for 'Hands On Yello'.

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