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The Yellow Motel site is nestled back in the Allegan Woods in rural Allegan Woods west of Allegan, Michigan. It was allegedly one of many hideouts for the infamous gangster Al Capone.

There's alot of exaggerated rumors about the place as it was frequented by many bored high schoolers as being a "haunted place" and of occult ceremonies and other weird activity taking place on the property well after it was occupied by Capone. The building burned down in 1997 and all that is left there is the cement from an old tennis court and some trash from the building site. There's rumors of tunnels that used to exist there but there is no evidence of it on the site. There's an old drainage ditch that is mistaken to be an entrance to the tunnels but that is false. In reality, Capone had many hideouts throughout West Michigan, and many of the rumors of what exists at one site overlap the others. Be advised that it is private property and neighbors do watch over the property and are not kind to visitors. I have not experienced any paranormal activity or out of the ordinary when visiting the site. The geographical coordinance is: (42.506667, -86.034722) 42 deg, 30 min 24 sec North -86 deg, 02 min, 05 sec West

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