I hadn't seen her in a while. Our relationship's like that. But there I stood, holding her on her doorstep, bidding her goodbye after a wonderful day together. "Can I kiss you?", I asked, grammar meaning nothing to me at this point. She didn't answer me with words.

But the next day, everyone acted as though nothing had happened. Strangers would walk by as though it were any other day. I had the urge to grab them by the shoulders and shake them. Don't you understand?? Yesterday I kissed the girl I love! The world is not the same as it was yesterday. How can you go about your everyday business, acting as though the world is a calculated machine, void of the joys of absolute beauty?

Yesterday I kissed the girl I love. Would you please put down your cell phone and briefcase and listen? I don't care about your politics, I haven't the desire to argue or discuss, I'm just going to take this frisbee and throw it through the sun, lie down in the tickling grass and sleep for all eternity.

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