Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) is a world-wide international school system, containing schools in various parts of China, as well as one school in California. It was founded in 1932 by Tsang Chor-hang, and is currently run by Tsang's daughter, Betty Chan. While it is generally unknown of Tsang's intentions for the school system, Betty Chan has made sure that it became a strongly capitalist pyrimid operation (See: making student's pay $15,000 a year) that allowed her to become one of the richest people in China, while offering mediocre teaching from under payed teachers (See: YCIS Chongqing). YCEF is the self proclaimed first international school system to move from China to the United States, not that it really matters all that much to anyone but Betty Chan who can giggle to herself about it in her bathtub full of money.

YCEF says about itself:


Founded in 1932 by Madame Tsang Chor-hang, Yew Chung has been providing quality bilingual and multicultural education to the learners of Hong Kong for over 70 years. Specialized in Childhood Education, Yew Chung now provides through-train service to ensure that all learners receive the best education possible to fit their individual learning profile. Led by Madame Tsang's successor, Dr. Chan Po-king, Yew Chung offers educational services in areas of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education. Yew Chung's International Baccalaureate graduates will be equipped with the potential to enter well known universities around the world.


Besides the bare facts, this should not be accepted as any sort of introduction to the actual school system. YCEF is extremely fond of Photoshopping and faking the images used on their various sites, especially ones of YCIS Chongqing, a decrepit joke, even including the new campus. (See:


The YCEF hubsite can be found at

if you are offendend by this obviously biased article, email Betty Chan about it. I'm sure she'll take a minute from her solid gold 40,000 inch tv to laugh at you for having problems.
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