Rarely do the closing credits of a film make anyone laugh out loud. In 1995, audiences enjoyed The Usual Suspects in cinemas for the first time. As the film came to end and people sat, stunned in their seats by the magnificent ending, the credits rolled and people, unusually, laughed. Unusually because the closing credits do not include humorous out-takes. The film is not a Pixar animation, so they do not even include animated and contrived out-takes. No. The credits caused mirth because of the name one of the 'Effects Crew'....

Yolanda Squatpump

IMDB turns up 4 films on which Yolanda has worked:

  • The Usual Suspects (which we already knew about, having howled in the aisles) 1995 - Yolanda is credited as working in the Effects Crew
  • Il Silenzio dei prosciutti (Silence of the Hams) crappy parody 1994 - Yolanda worked as 'Special Makeup Effects Editor'
  • Puppet Master 6 - Curse of the Puppet Master - (horror) 1998 - Someone called Yolonda Squatpump worked as a Music Editor. Two different Yol*nda Squatpumps working in the lower end - budget-wise - of US film industry would be too great coincidence, so let's assume it's the same person.
  • Murder Weapon (Crap horror) 1990. Yolanda was a Makeup Artist
A trawl of google reveals that Yolanda has been working on films which IMBD, surprisingly, doesn't list.
  • Dead Next Door low-budget horror 1989 - Yolanda worked as a Production Assistant. (Incidentally, this film this film contains a credit for "Original music ... created and performed on the Commodore AMIGA 500 Computer")
  • Horrorvision More horror. "Dez, a webmaster, mistakenly logs onto 'horrorvision.com' — a website that kills all who come across it" (horrorvision.com is actually a porn site. Be warned.) Ms. Squatpump was the Script Supervisor

She apparently signed the Horror Director, J.R. Bookwalter's guestbook on Tempe Video's website (www.tempevideo.com).

"It's been a while since we last worked together, hope we work together again real soon. Will be coming out in March, maybe you'll have a position for me at Full Moon. See you soon! Your friend Yolanda"
By "Full Moon" she means Full Moon Pictures, the small horror production company which Bookwalter runs. (fullmoonpictures.com)

The given email address was yosquat@aol.com. I sent a friendly email but have had no response so far. Perhaps it was a fake email address. Perhaps she doesn't respond to random fans who admire her mainly for her hillarious name.

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