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The Minor Clans of Rokugan have little sway individually, but together, they are strong. Yoritomo, the daimyo of the Mantis Clan, knew this, and desired to forge an alliance between all the Minor Clans that would put them on an even footing with the seven Great Clans. Yoritomo's Alliance was officially recognized by The Seven Thunders during the Day of Thunder, and they enjoyed Great Clan status for a number of years.

Recently, though, with the secession of the Fox from the alliance and the death of Yoritomo at the Battle of Volturnum, the alliance has fallen apart. While the Wasp and Centipede clans have essentially merged with the Mantis, the battle with the Lying Darkness claimed many of their samurai, and they are now under the leadership of Yoritomo Aramasu, Yoritomo's appointed heir, who has vowed to restore the Mantis to their former greatness. The Alliance may have fallen, but the voice of the minor clans will not go unheard again... Families of the Alliance
  • Yoritomo: Granted their own family name by Emperor Toturi after the Day of Thunder, the Yoritomo line lives on through its new daimyo.
  • Kitsune: While the Fox Clan was a strong part of the Alliance, personal differences between Yoritomo and the Fox Clan daimyo have separated this clan from the Alliance now.
  • Tsuruchi: The legendary Wasp Clan daimyo has left his archery legacy in the name of his followers, who often serve as Emerald Magistrates.
  • Moshi: The shugenja of the Centipede Clan bear this name, and are known for their skills in Air and Fire magic.
  • Suzume: While never truly part of the Alliance, the Sparrow Clan has always been a proud people, thriving off their labor in their sparse fields.

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