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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 35. York Ham with Spinach (Jambon d'Yorck aux Epinards)

Scrape and trim the ham, and put it in a large pan or pot with enough cold water to make it swim. Add a couple of carrots, onions, celery, a dozen cloves, mace, thyme, and bay-leaves, and boil the ham very slowly indeed for about four or five hours, according to size and weight; and when it is done, allow it to become cold in its own liquor. When cold, remove the rind by gently slipping the ends of the fingers of both hands under the skin of the round, thick end of the ham, and by this means detach it gradually without displacing any of the fat. Trim the surface of the fat smoothly with a knife. When wanted hot, place it in a baking-dish covered with a greased paper; add just enough of its own liquor to reach up to the edge of the fat, bake it for about half an hour; glaze, and garnish with spinach.

Some cooks are allowed to boil the ham in champagne. This process is to me simply senseless. The alcohol necessarily evaporates in the boiling, and the saccharine residue may be easily (and cheaply) replaced by a little sugar. There is no harm, however, in serving a champagne sauce with the dish.

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