Vast outdoor sculpture gallery in West Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park ("YSP") displays mainly abstract modern and contemporary sculpture (rather surreally) in Bretton Estate, 500 acres of rolling Yorkshire countryside south of Wakefield. They exhibit Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth and other stuff like that. YSP also exhibits (generally smaller) works indoors in buildings dotted around the estate and sells souvenirs from the modern and rather grand YSP Centre (built in 2002).

The very idea of an outdoor gallery in the Yorkshire climate might sound bizarre in itself - honestly it's really pretty good if you're into this kind of thing. People take the kids there to have a picnic like it's an ordinary park. Groups of art students of all ages trail round it with matching clipboards or notebooks. Individual art fans travel there to see an exhibition of their favourite artist, like it's an ordinary gallery. You might also see a bunch of guys playing cricket between the sculptures (honestly) or kids climbing on them.

Sources: my recollections the park and of stuff I read there, and "YSP", 2004-27-04.

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