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Yosano, Akiko, 1878-1942. Japanese poet and feminist writer born near Osaka, Japan. Her first and most famous collection of poetry, "Midaregami" (Tangled Hair), was published in 1901. This volume contained almost 400 poems, many expressing her passionate and sensual nature. She was critically applauded despite writing with a forthrightness that was (and is) unusual for a Japanese woman, especially regarding love and sexuality.

Yosano was also politically active, refusing to bend to the times and actively resisting the militancy that invaded Japanese politics in the twentieth century. She continued to publish her views on politics, economics and women's rights until her death.

Selected poems of Yosano Akiko:

- My heart is like the sun
- Girl, Twenty
- To Kiyomizu
- Black Hair
- So, Call Me Again
- I Have This Delusion

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