You're Pregnant?

This is the question that I have repeated a great many times over the last couple of weeks!.
The day after Boxing Day (27/12/01) my wife of nearly 2 years mentioned that her period was late, we put it down to the stress of Christmas and the fact she had started a new, high pressured job a couple of weeks before that. We, no she decided we would stop at Tescos and buy a Home Pregnancy Kit just so she could have peace of mind.

We were pretty sure it was a false alarm but... We got home and she went up stairs and did the test but left the stick on the side of the bath without checking, I think she knew it would be negative.

I went up and had a pee and saw the test and brought it down stairs and had a look at the paper work that came with it. She described the look on my face as "Pure, focused concentration", jesus I must have stared at the thing for at least 10 minutes before saying "You're pregnant?" She laughed at me and told me to stop messing around. I then said "You're pregnant!" It's been about 3 weeks since that day. I'm writing this now as today is the day it has actually sunk in. A letter came through the post saying our/her first "baby scan" is tomorrow afternoon. This kinda freaked me out as I'm going to see my baby tomorrow, WOW. I apologise if this write up is crap, its mostly just for me than anyone else Sorry, as I have just been reminded, this is not just for me but for me to share my recent experience with the rest of E2. Sorry I am still in shock, this is my first pregnancy/child.

Last week we went to the clinic to meet the Midwife and fill out a mountain of paper work, even then I still hadn't come to terms with the whole thing. We have also had a couple of large fights, mainly about nothing, again I have still been the same way. Until today that is. I have never been this scared before in my life. When I'm calmer and had chance to think I may rewrite this, but on the other hand I might not. I never really noticed before what a big part of the world children are. I hope I can make a good Father, its a cliche I know, but I won't be like my father was with me. Christ, I'm going to be a Dad!

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