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a nodeshell commando action

This is my favorite AOL (ha ha) message. When I log on, and I know that I have stalkers, I feel one step closer to celebrity.

Unfortunately, due to the advent of the internet, and the fame which can be achieved by even the most mediocre of entrepreneurs (chuckle), every American with an eye for popularity can have stalkers. Case in point: My mom got like, four stalkers yesterday, they've been piling up outside her bedroom window like old matresses, toting their fancy 'digital cameras' and 'digital this' and 'digital that'... It makes me sick.

Why, just yesterday, I was visiting my girlfriend, a frequent user of AOL. There were stalkers everywhere, in the refrigerator, in the cabinets, under the couch, in the bathtub, under the toilet seat. It made me want to scream. By the time I was ready to say good bye, they were crawling up my legs, and I could see them peeping out of my gal's blouse!

I've had it. I'm gonna tell AOL to get bent tomorrow.

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