Something you think about, especially when you meet "someone new" who sets your neurons racing. Not something you say to someone you barely know.

Why, you may ask? Because some people might interpret this in a bad, obsessed, bizzare ritual kind of way. They hear that "something" and might take that as a code for a sexual perversion or weird habit. Do you know their history? I thought so.

So, think this, ponder this. Node these ideas, that's cool. But don't say this out loud. Yet. Try and think of a flattering, interesting way to say it without it sounding like a veiled threat.


You send my mind places it has never been.
I can't wait to see you, but can't talk when I'm with you.
The air tastes different after I've talked to you.
I want to be smooth around you, but I can't concentrate.
Whatever,......... speak from your heart, but don't say "you do something to me."

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