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Fifth in the line of You Don't Know Jack 'genus'-style games (not including YDKJ Sports, Movies, TV, and foreign-language editions, Head Rush, or other spinoffs).

Innovations in this installment:

You Pick The Value. You choose the value of each question (within a range). DisOrDat questions, with seven separate sub-questions, obviously won't be going for $15,000 anytime soon. Values flash on the screen; you buzz in to select the current amount of money. If several players are present, each buzzes in to select a point value; the value of the question is the sum of all the values selected. If you wait for the computer to pick an amount, you get $0 (but the host will contribute a few bucks in pocket change to keep things interesting).

Network Games. It had to happen sooner or later. You'd think that a fastest fingers game couldn't work when LPBs and dialup users compete, but it can. The limit is still three players per game, however.

Anagram Questions. Similar to Gibberish Questions in that a garbled form of the answer is spoken and displayed. Money counts down until you buzz in and type the answer.

Bug Out Questions. This is an odd-man-out subgame. Given a category such as "Crayola colors", you buzz in when the cute little bug on the screen mentions something NOT belonging to that group, such as "puke green". It's a sort of reverse Jack Attack, and tricky because there are usually obscure members of any category that sound as if they couldn't possibly be in the group.

Problems with this installment:

QWERTY Preferred.If you use a Dvorak keyboard layout, you still can't reassign the three buzz-in keys, Q, B and P. (The Dvorak equivalent would be ', X and L.) But you can still type in Dvorak mode.

No Random Episodes.Each install of the CD plays the episodes in the same order. If you bring the game to a friend's house, it'll always start with the first episode. There was once a field in the .ini file that would let you skip ahead, but no more.

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