An album released by Jeff Beck in 2001. Features his godlike guitar playing with some very innovative techno-blues fusion. Surprisingly well done, since blues is so natural and freeform, and techno is so dependent on preprocessed beats, but the mixture is pulled off very well with some outstanding mixing.

Jeff's guitar isn't quite as prominently featured in You Had It Coming as in his earlier albums. Nevertheless, he demonstrates such incredible skill and versatility that I have cleared all doubt in my mind as to his being the most talented guitarist ever (not that that really means anything).

  1. Earthquake
    Heavy, heavy metal. Rappy-trance vocals. Blues licks on the the axe.
  2. Roy's Toy
    Muscle car revving to start it off. Heavy techno-goa mixage.
  3. Dirty Mind
    Techno-blues with kickass guitar licking. Mixed sample of a woman in the throes of passion. Won a well-deserved Grammy for best rock instrumental performance.
  4. Rollin' and Tumblin'
    Well if the river was whiskey, and I was a diving duck,
    Yeah if the river was whiskey, and I was a diving duck.
    Well I would dive to the bottom, I'd swear I'd never come up.

    Nice hard blues song.
  5. Nadia
    Trippy Eastern-style techno. It's got Jeff playing with a slide bar, making his guitar sound like one of those whiney Indian guitar-violins.
  6. Loose Cannon
    Heavy-metal techno, hard as a rock. Again, sorta Eastern-sounding.
  7. Rosebud
    Complex techno beat with blues licks. Jeff's emotive precision and musical creativity never ceases to amaze me.
  8. Left Hook
    Scratched heavy techno. Insanely fast shredding thrown in at the end, for good measure.
  9. Blackbird
    You know that dueling guitars act that some bands put on? Well Jeff does it with a blackbird - the feathered kind. Unbelievable. He convincingly mimics the bird's song.
  10. Suspension
    I kept having to remind myself that Jeff is playing an electric guitar, not a harp (stringed harp, not blues harp). Slow and sugar-sweet. Each note is clear, confident, and unassuming.

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