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Now you’re a hero, you managed to beat the whole damn ga-ame,
We’re happy you made it, but how are you gonna spend the rest of this da-ay?

-The ending credits song.

You Have To Burn The Rope is basically the mirror opposite of I Wanna Be The Guy and a parody of both ridiculously difficult games and the stupidly easy ones. This game is one of those games that just talking about it is giving away spoilers, so quick, play it here or here for free before reading on.

Unmarked spoilers are ahead.

You good? Okay.

You start off as a little Kirby look-alike in a bowler hat armed with axes that do not help in the slightest. You are in a Mario-esque castle area, and you are going towards the monster of this game, The Grinning Colossus. Along the black space just outside of the walls are helpful instructions:

1. There's a boss at the end of this tunnel.
2. You can't hurt him with your weapons.
3. To kill him you have to burn the rope above.
And, if you right click on the game, you see the secret rule number four:
4. Also, you can't really die.

The controls are the usual arrow-key kind, with both the spacebar and the up arrow being "jump," and down arrow being "throw axe." The second you enter the chamber of the Grinning Colossus, the hallway seals up behind you. All you can do is either go up the tunnel-things on the sides of the room, or go out into the center and meet the Grinning Colossus himself: a giant black rectangle thing with a mouth that does NOT grin and eyes that shoot evil exploding tears.

When you go up the sides, there are torches. When you hop by, you automatically obtain a little stick with fire on it. Spoilers alert: you have to go burn the rope above. The one that’s holding the chandelier. The chandelier falls, and the Colossus dies a gruesome death, and then you’re treated to a happy little song that’s (depending on your gameplay) easily longer than the actual game itself. The song simply recounts everything you did in the game, and then asks what you intend to do for the rest of the day since the game was so short. It's available here, as well as upon completion of the game.

Yes it's over now,
We didn't want to make a longer game,
This is it I swear it's true-oo-oo-oo.

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