You learn that you’re wrong
Cause you are.
When you grow up and find out that you aren’t
It still feels weird,
Cause you’re wrong

You learn that you’re different
Even when you learn that different isn’t bad
There’s always someone who will dispute it.
You have to fight.

You learn to fight
But there’s always someone who will tell you that fighting is wrong
Then the other person tells you to fight.

You learn who to listen to
But they’ll probably turn on you
And when they do, you have to learn to forget everything they ever said.

You learn to choose your battles.
You get stronger
You grow.
But there’s always something missing.

You learn to solve puzzles.
Better than anyone you know.
But no one notices.

You learn that if you scream no one listens
But if you’re quiet you’re a no one
They’ll eat you alive.

Where’s the balance?

You learn to justify
You justify too much, it’s never enough.
Cause you’re wrong until you’re not.
But you always are.

You learn that you’re selfish
That being selfish is wrong
But what isn’t selfish?
You learn that it’s ok to be selfish
But selfish is wrong.

No balance.

You learn that people love you
But you’re scared they’ll leave
Cause they always do.

You learn to be brave
The bravest person in the world.
You hope they’ll notice.

You’re scared of them
But should you be?

Mixed messages.

You learn that you’re weak.
Stupid, pathetic, you’ll never be anyone.
But then you’re someone
And people love you and wonder why you are how you are
And you don’t have words to tell them

You’ve learned to be something
Even though you’re still a no one.

Mixed messages.

You’ve learned that saying what you think is bad
Cause you’re wrong
But then you learn that saying what you think is right.
More than right.
But you still can’t
Cause you’re wrong
Even when you’re right.

You scream inside but no one notices.
You could die and no one would know
You can’t breathe
But you don’t have words
Cause all the words are wrong

You’re small
A coward.
A failure
But you’re brilliant
Funny at times
A good friend
Maybe sometimes even a hero.

You’re good at what you do
Whatever it is
But never good enough
Even if you ran the world and had 5 degrees you still wouldn’t be good enough.
Cause you’re wrong.
You don’t fit
You don’t belong
But you do.

And you are. And you’re human, and you LIVE.
You love and you learn and you ARE.

And maybe once in a while it’s good enough.

Or will be.

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