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Fifth song in the first act of Jonathan Larson's 1995 musical RENT. After the powerful explosion of music of RENT, the simplicity of the piano music and beatnik-style jazz in this piece is a classic example of the juxtaposition of sounds and styles prevalent throughout the production. Here we are introduced formally to ANGEL SCHUNARD, a beautiful transvestite whom TOM COLLINS instantly finds himself attracted to. The focus begins on a homeless man, singing, apparently, to the audience, who represent "the world". A very simple, Christmas-like tune plays on the piano.

Due to copyright restrictions, the lyrics have been removed.

After the homeless man's poignant declaration that Christmas is happening somewhere else, Angel finds Tom lying in the gutter, beaten and bleeding. As she comforts him, they discover an instant attraction to one another, and Angel announces that Tom will be accompanying her to a life support meeting. Rather bluntly she states that she has AIDS, as though to test Tom's feelings on the matter. She's pleasantly surprised when he announces that he does, as well, and thus begins one of the most important relationships in RENT. As her name would suggest, Angel represents innocence and purity, made all the more ironic by the presence of AIDS. Angel is truly a good soul, and strives to bring happiness to the rest of the family.

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