My father is kicking me out—
There was a part of me that was hoping…
Hoping that you would offer
Your extensive domain
Part of me that was thinking that you would have me
Part of me that was thinking that you would want me
The whole sexual tension thing 
The whole “flip a coin”…
As friends…. We could work through this
But as lovers, I just wish that you could offer me salvation;
A place to rest  my headA place to love you securely…
A place to let you know that you are all-important in my life
A place that you believe in
Somewhere that you’re fully comfortable…
A waking dream of
True sexuality—
But you’re set on hurting me, 
Set on believing that this love is not pure
And all I can do is base my dreams, my reality on you 
And hope that by some small miracle, you can do the same

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