"You can never be too rich or too thin" is a phrase that I first heard when I was not old enough to understand its ramifications, sometime in the mid-eighties when I was in grade school. As I got older and retained my rail thin shape, I was both mocked and envied by people in my peer group as well as people who were older than I was. "Those girls (referring to my sisters and I) have such thin legs, don't you just hate them?!?" was a comment heard often from distant or married in relatives at family functions. I was embarrassed at being different, yet somehow proud at this genetic acheivement. My sisters and I were a bony trio, all angles and lean muscle until we were in our twenties. As we got older, our legs and hips filled out and the comment became scarce. Curves visited my silhouette as well as each of my sisters', and instead of envious comments there were smug looks. The glances said that "those girls aren't all that anymore" and absolved us of our guilt for being so stick-figured. Perhaps if we weren't subjected to that sort of conversation we wouldn't have all grown up to be concerned about it.

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