“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Louis Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, and Albert Einstein.” ~H. Jackson Brown

There are always enough hours to achieve. But never quite enough to push yourself to want to achieve. There are always more hours than you need. Everything can be done if you just put enough time into it. Time time time. An easy word, a difficult concept. Time slips past so easily, but there’s always a little bit more hiding just around the corner for you to pick up on. You’re dying while you’re reading this. So you may as well do something productive.

This is not a motivational speech. I can’t do motivational speeches. Or I’d be doing something much more productive than lecturing strangers on the internet about the importance of actually getting up and doing something. Rather than sitting there and reading this. Or laughing at yet another LOLCAT. It could be argued that if you enjoyed the time that you spent then it wasn’t wasted at all. And that has been argued countless times. I guess it’s all just about your own goal system and how you evaluate your own life. You narcissistic thing you.

What you choose to build, or indeed not build, in your allotted time. And the best thing about this system is that you don’t even know how long your allotted time is. But it’s a gamble that most of us play safe. Even when the odds of surviving day to day are changing by the minute. Who knows when you’re going to trip over that loose wire and fall into a wall and die? I treat every day like the opening five minutes of Casualty. Where every object near me could be potentially fatal.

This has had exactly the opposite of any positive effect. And I now sit curled up in the corner with my laptop by my head. Hoping and praying that it isn’t about to burst into flames at any second. Or that the wire somehow gets tangled around my neck and I can’t get out. There are dangers everywhere and that’s why it’s so difficult to be productive. When you’re frightened of opening a door, you’re frightened of writing some words. And maybe, just maybe sleep is the better option in this scenario.

I don’t appreciate inspiring quotes. They never inspire me, they just make me feel useless. They don’t push me on and make aspire to greatness. They make me fall at the feet of greatness and hope that’s it’s a shady spot that I can nap in for the time being. So don’t take this as an inspiring quote. Don’t take this as the sharp kick up the arse that you undoubtedly need. Everyone does. Take this as a friendly nod in the right direction. A brief explanation that the door that says pull is actually a push door. It always catches me out too.

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