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This is one of the sinister notions that propels many AIDS awareness campaigns. It's not literal, of course. It just means that every time you have unprotected sex with someone, you leave yourself open to the risk of receiving all sorts of nasty STDs from that person with the idea that the next time you have sex with another partner, you are very likely passing those diseases to your partner, indirectly as if they had slept with your previous partner.

I kinda agree with it conceptually, so I'm not gonna make any comment on it.. (I hear a dozen sighs of relief)

For HIV, this slogan is rather misleading - it is usually more relevant how many times you've had intercourse than how many partners you've had. The transfer rates for HIV are low - 1/600 for a girl having intercourse with an infected boy, 1/800 for a man having intercourse with an infected woman.

Of course, this is no reason to be careless - though the odds are low, the cost ending up on the bad side of them is horrible, not just for you, but for your friends and family, not to speak of any partner(s).

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