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This nodeshell was an interesting premise, and one that made me stop and think.

Besides myself, I know of two other E2 noders that are full-time writers. On top of that, I know there are between one or two dozen folks who have actually jumped through the hoops and published a book. So I sat and I puzzled until my puzzler was sore, thinking that professional author meant a little bit more.

I drifted away from E2 for a long period. After the death of dannye, I came back for a bit. I had to drift away again, but only because I was doing some grieving everytime I saw the logo. My drift was smaller, and it kept me in a close orbit. Eventually I hit the retro rockets and came back down into the nodegel. I enjoy writing. Noding random oddball pieces for this place is an excellent palate cleanser between writing stories and novels. I could see a reason to "waste" some time here, which was far more useful than Facebooking. Besides, we have a catbox full of strange folks. Can't top that.

But still, I think there was a bit of truth to this node title. I initially drifted away because I was spending more time writing again. Time is limited for most mortals. I had crap to do. But when I began to think about it, I would rather spend some more time here, adding new crap for my favorite serial downvoter, than looking at the endless streams of Farcebook fog sliding past my windows. 

In a way, the nodeshell author had a point, but they didn't think about what happens next. That is the question that all fiction authors can't help answering, one chapter or story at a time.

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