You say "that would make a great node" in the middle of a conversation.
You accidently put brackets around words while typing a paper.
You get out of bed because you thought up of a good node.
You are on Everything's Best Users.
  • you node games
  • you forget all HTML tags that aren't allowed in E2.
  • you check your message inbox more than your email
  • you create your own theme
  • to type a normal square bracket, you type [ or ]
  • you create a superdoc that computes somebody's E2-purity
  • you understand the connection between smurfs, Darth Vader, and movie reels (ok, I guess that is more of a "you know you're an old Everything user when..." thing)

You refuse to speak with people on the telephone anymore, considering (reasonably enough!) noding a superior form of communication.

After all, landlines can't hyperlink, the italics and bold text don't work and try as I might I just can't say FONT SIZE= and get my point across!

And besides, phones are for modems!
I'll add my confession here, ask that all concerned to forgive me and make the excuse that I was drunk. Here is my story.

I was out at a party last night to celebrate a friends birthday. There was free beer, there were a lot of people. It was a great night. I just wasn't in the mood. People kept coming over to talk to me and I'd just give one word answers. They kept asking the same questions that the last person had asked, you know, the trivial. Ok so I hadn't seen all of them for a few weeks but I was getting bored answering.

At one point a girl I do not know well started on a round of questions about my work. This wasn't something I wanted to talk about on a Saturday night and coupled with the rest of the evening I kind of just switched off. At one point she said 'So when are you next going back home?', which was a question I'd been asked that evening about 10 times so far. I look her straight in the eye, grinned and simply said


That was all. She looked at me in a slightly strange way and asked me to repeat what I had said. I gave the same reply. She tried a couple more enquiries all of which met with the grin and "thefez". Then she gave up and wandered away.

From that point on it was all I said to anyone in the pub for the rest of the night. I left about an hour later having confused everyone there. Even the barstaff. Though, to their credit, they did fill my whiskey glass when I pointed at it and said "thefez".

I staggered home alone. When I woke up this morning I decided it was time to give Everything a break. So here I am. Still Noding.


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