Crow T. Robot’s world-famous catch phrase. Rather, what he claimed to be his famous catch phrase, loved by millions, in the opening segment of experiment #822 – Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Trying to cash in on the nation’s love of the plucky robot and his memorable cry of “You know you want me, baby!” Crow purchases two million T-shirts sporting the famous saying. Co-hosts Mike Nelson claims, rightly, that they had never heard Crow say “You know you want me, Baby!” before. Crow is disappointed.

During the first host segment of the same experiment Mike decides he needs a catch phrase, too, but unfortunately all the good ones are taken! His choices include show-stoppers like: Secretary, please read the minutes from the last meeting, We’re all out of toner!, and Don’t run on my wet floor!. He chooses to reject them all.

Because Best Brains had to print up at least one shirt for the skit – Crow is proudly displaying one – they went ahead and printed a small run. The image quality is horrible. The picture of Crow was obviously quickly and badly cropped off of a low-resolution digital image of Crow. This first run of the T-Shirt was sold by Satellite News for a brief period in 1997-1998, but quickly sold out. Because it was a small run, this particular shirt is rare. However, the shirt has been re-released at higher quality in honor of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank coming out on the 4th MST3k DVD set. Both are available from Satellite News (

Although the phrase was never used by Crow in any other official episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, it is a favorite among MST3k fan fiction writers. It turns out that it is Crow’s catch phrase, after all!

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