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I often become so bothered by people that I start to despise the lot of them. The small things...they make me insane....the stupid and ignorant and inconsiderate things that make me want to completely write off humanity as an unnecessary expenditure.

So I do.

And I sit in my room, safe from all those idiots, being comforted by my spiteful thoughts, and I wish death and pestilence and the worst plagues imaginable upon the outside world. My hatred is oh-so-perfect.

One person will do it. He, in that one action; she, in that one word embodies all the imperfections I see in the world and causes me to see everyone as identical evils. I hated for such a long time because of people like this...it wasn't an outright malevolence but an emotion felt so deep and permeating every aspect of my character that I couldn't prevent it form seeping into the most insignificant tasks I performed.

(But that's over...I dealt with it...)

Still, the desire to hate exists within me. A powerful and unsettling desire that I can barely stand to ignore. He says something cruel; she forgets about me and it all starts anew.

But now it's different. I can't bring myself to hate with such a passion. I go through the familiar motions, but the moment I feel myself actually trying to internalize that anger, you marvelous humans do something so infinitely amazing and indescribably brilliant all my evil intentions slide into unreachable oblivion. He, in that one action; she, in that one word embodies all the beauty I sometimes fail to recognize in people and forces me to see you for the wonderful beings you all are.

You make it too hard to hate...I can't hold onto an emotion so weak when you fight me with such splendor.

Humanity is my addiction...

One of you did this right now, that's why I had to node this. It doesn't matter who...you've all done it before.

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